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7-Figure Sellers At Sea VIP Mastermind Cruise
 "I Can't Wait To Join NATE LIND and Friends,
Sat. May 4th to 11th, 2019
As We Set Sail From Miami to the Exotic Caribbean Ports of Jamaica, Cozumel, Grand Cayman and Nassau-Paradise Island, Bahamas!" 
Your deposit is fully refundable until 1/15/2019
Get ready to cruise in...
Nate Lind
Founder - Sellers Cruise
If you’re anything like me, you work. ALL. THE. TIME.

You’re always “ON”. And that can take its toll…

On your family. Your health. And your business.

I became an Entrepreneur to live the life I want. To travel the world. To work from anywhere. To have experiences that a regular 9-to-5 can’t afford me.

THAT’s what this is. Your INVITATION to join me, Nate Lind, my family, and a group of my closest friends and other 7-Figure Online Selling superstars and THEIR families…

Yup, you heard that right! This is NOT a “Seminar-at-Sea.” It’s NOT “information overload.”

It’s a mastermind ADVENTURE. Full of amazing opportunities to NETWORK. With the people who can help you scale your business to the next level.

Think about it…

You make the best connections with people when you have a common bond.

Imagine the connections you will make when you’re Island hopping with some of the most successful internet entrepreneurs - for A WHOLE WEEK.

GOODBYE quiet room listening to speaker after speaker. HELLO Mai Tai’s, Zip lines, Rafting, Jungle River Tubing, 4x4 Off Road Safaris, Dune Buggies, Snorkeling, Horseback Riding, Sea Kayaking, Dolphin Encounters, Mini Submarines, Scuba Diving, Explorations, and much much more!

It’s simple really. The better you know someone, the more likely they will do business with you, mentor you, or share their most intimate business secrets with you.

So join me on the VIP Mastermind Cruise.

I can’t wait to get to know you better!
Nate’s "Seven Figure Sellers At Sea" VIP Mastermind Cruise MUST be booked through THIS website only. Special event rates INCLUDE more than $6,311 in BONUS Amenities: 
 Full Mastermind Conference Curriculum and special sessions with Nate Lind and other top marketing experts is ALSO included in these rates. All group guests warmly welcomed! Real Value: $4,997  
 Includes the "Drinks On Us" Package, bottled and draft beers, wine by the glass, house brands of vodka, rum, gin, whiskey and non-aloholic beverages for the duration of your cruise. It's the ultimate in convenience and value. Anyone thirsty? Real value: Up to $787 per person, or more!  
 *Includes THREE upscale group dinners. The finest seafood at the Ocean Cay Seafood Restaurant, Oriental fare at Chef Yamaguchi’s Asian Market (Pan Asian Restaurant and Sushi Food Bar) and at the Butcher’s Cut Steakhouse. Indulge your senses with a three-course meal to choose from the Dining Experience selection at each fabulous dining location. Real value: $270 per person. *Must Choose Fantastica Suite or Better
 Rub elbows with top 7-Figure Online Sellers at 4 PRIVATE networking focused group dinners. (Note: This is open seating - sit next to someone you want to get to know more!) Networking with your peers? ...PRICELESS!
 Two private group networking cocktail parties PLUS our Red Hot Seven Figure Sellers Karaoke night!! Real value: approx. $120 per person
 Bon Voyage Beach Bag with group t-shirts and more!
 Private facebook group exclusively for registered guests of the 7-Figure Sellers At Sea group, so you can meet your shipmates way before we set sail.
 Group cabins will be near each other, to facilitate even greater cameraderie and that “bump into someone in the hall” conversation starter moment
 Invitation to our private group networking BEACH PARTY in one of the islands!
 Package rates below also INCLUDE all gov. taxes and fees of $137.83 per person.
But Nate... I sell online, don't cruise ships have shitty internet? 
This is a "work AND play" vacation — you WILL be able to get online.

If you need internet access on the boat, you can get it for less than $15 per day. (A lot of hotels will charge you twice that!)

The unlimited internet plan is $199 for the week.

You’ll have enough bandwidth to handle your day-to-day emails, messaging, and social media.

You might run into trouble if you try to stream HD movies or video chat from the boat. But once we get on land you’ll be able to tap into high-speed connections again. We’re making four stops in seven days, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to get online.

And it would be a mistake to spend all your time staring at a screen, anyway.

You can do that when you're home. Save your Netflix binge watching for after the trip!
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Is the internet going to be usable so I can still check in on my business?
If you need internet access on the boat, you can get it for less than $15 per day. Or $199 for the week for Unlimited Access
You’ll have enough bandwidth to handle your day-to-day emails, messaging, and social media.
Is there a COST to come on the Sellers Cruise? Do you mark it up?
Our goal was this. You work hard and you are entitled to a vacation. You are going to take a vacation anyway. So why not take a vacation with like minded people. That was our vision. And why not make some use of SEA days to network and learn from each other. From the start, your host, Nate Lind felt that for THIS project, we would rather make a friend than a profit. We do this as ambassadors of our industry. We mark up a small amount to provide some open bar parties, your shirts, directory, name tags, etc. All close to our costs. But we also get volume discounts. So basically you pay for a cruise and get to come to a workshop and networking event for free. With NO SELLING from the stage. That is our vision for the Sellers Cruise. 
If I was referred to the Sellers Cruise by word of mouth or friend or marketer but not given a link, should you be aware?
The Sellers Cruise is "By Invitation Only." So when you book, please let us know who referred you. If you already booked and have not done that please contact us. We have a group leader program and sometimes with word of mouth and people booking months later the person that referred you does not always get the credit. We like to make sure they do.
What is included in the price?
Includes ALL of our business building mastermind sessions, private parties, networking events and dinners!

INCLUDES All Cruise Fees! That means, all port charges, government fees and taxes are included in the price.
Note: MSC's online rates do NOT include gov. fees and taxes, but our group rates do!

Also includes all meals, most soft drinks, all buffets, 24 hour pizza and more, like nightly entertainment,

Broadway and Vegas style shows, pools, fitness center, water park, and Kids Camp for your children.
What is NOT included in the price?
Not included in your price is your airfare or travel to Miami and to the ship. You pre-cruise hotel stay, pre-cruise drinks and pre-cruise meals are not included. (All your means On-Ship ARE included.) Optional shore excursions are not included. Things like the SPA are extra. Some hard alcohol drinks from the bar and wine are not included and you can put these on your ship card.

The excellent dining room is free but the ship does have a several exclusive places where you can upgrade your eating experience. Those are option and anywhere between $15 and $30 per person. It is something you'll wan't to do at least once. 
Is this a pitch fest?
No. No selling allowed. While we are not fans of that phrase because there is a place for selling on stage, you won't find that on the cruise. The cruise is all PEER to PEER networking and learning. We are all peers. There will be no one there lecturing you. We come to learn and ask questions and help each other. The crowd on the ship is of high caliber character. That means even if you are a newbie or making 6, 7, 8, or even 9 figures, we have a no a**hole rule. Everyone we allow on is just good people, and agree to check their egos at the door. So we welcome you if you are new and you can meet the legends on the industry.
Who are the speakers?
Most of the sessions are masterminds and workshops. However we do have speakers that are group leaders. They are there to provide content. No selling allowed. Also Nate will do a special session or an expert panel.
How do I get stage time?
Everyone gets a chance to introduce themselves, come back later to ask questions and contribute in the sessions. 30 Minutes of Stage time to present on a topic of your expertise is awarded to our group leaders. You become a group leader when you refer 10 or more cabins with our affiliate program.
How does your affiliate program work?
Who else do you know who deserves to go? With our partner program, we will set you up with an affiliate link and even speak at your events or host a webinar with you. If you are an influencer this is for you. It's like almost being able to cruise for free because we award you $2000 sixty days after sailing or just apply it towards your next year's cruise. Plus you get all the benefits of being a group leader like the stage time and branding. For everyone else we pay $1000 on 8 Cabins, and $250 for 5 cabins. 

To sign up for our affiliate page: email us
How do I get myself known to the 400 marketers?
We will list you in our printed directory, distributed on-board. You and everyone will have a chance to queue up and get 30 seconds to talk about yourself and say what you can help with and what you need help with and your page in the directory. Guests listen to everyone over this 3 hour session and mark off on the book who they want to meet. Maybe 10, 20 or 30 people in your niche you can help, need help from, or want to partner or JV with. Don't bring flyers (we hate that) and put them on seats. Over the 7 days you will find everyone you want. More importantly, the right people will find YOU. What most people discover is it was not who the wanted to meet that had the greatest impact. In fact many have created 7 figure businesses together simply because they met at Pizza and Profits or at the networking dinners. Let it come to you, don't be pushy, and this will be the best thing that has ever happened to your business. 
How do I get in the cruise directory?
After you place your deposit, we'll send you a link to upload your bio and picture and we'll publish it in alphabetical order. Everyone gets the printed copy when they board the ship.
How do I get in access to the Private facebook group?
After you place your deposit you get access. Over 1300 VIP members are in that group. Meet your shipmates before we set sail. It is worth the price alone.
Can I book separate with MSC and attend the Sellers Cruise Events?
Short answer. No. Anyone publicly can book the same cruise. But without a Seller's Cruise Name Badge or VIP Wristband you will not be allowed in our networking events, mastermind sessions, pre-cruise party at the hotel, private dinners in main dining room, cocktail parties, private excursions, beach party, Pizza and Profits networking, costume party, the Million-Dollar directory, or private facebook group. So if you want to grow your business, book with us. We make a small profit per cabin and most of that goes to Captain Lou's company for facilitating this great cruise. Like any travel planner, that's how Captain Lou earns a living and he is the best in the business to make this special event at sea the best vacation you ever had. 
Can I bring my spouse, significant other, kids, parents, family, or friends?
Yes! This is your vacation. Spend it with with the people you care about most. 
Can friends or family that book through marketers cruise attend all of the networking events and fun-time activities?
Yes. We welcome them in fact. We love to share the entrepreneurial spirt with everyone. Some events are no-kids allowed. Like rated R comedians etc. As well as even some of our evening or late night events. Your kids will be happy at Kids Camp (included) and won't ever want to leave there.
Do I have to attend all of the events on the itinerary?
That is entirely up to you. While we do recommend attending all the events, it is your vacation and if you want to miss a session and go to the SPA with the spouse, or just sleep in that's O.K. We just know once you come to one session you will want to come to all. If your spouse or family do not want to join sessions and enjoy the ship they are more than welcome to do so.
How does the open seating work in the dining room?
Simple. Most tables seat 8 to 12 people. When you see someone you want to sit with just grab a seat. Or walk in the dining room with a group and all sit together. You will meet so many amazing new people.
Where can I book excursions?
We at will arrange private shore excursions at each port of call, just for members of our group. More info and a special link will be sent out as we get closer to the cruise.

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